Sunday, 30 August 2009

Soap Salts

There is nothing better than a relaxing bath especially at the weekend. To get the very best from it I like to use Soap Salts they are real easy to make and fill the bath with great minerals lovely smell and luxury botancials.

To make my Rose & Neroil Soap Salt you will need:

100g Course Sea Salt, 50g M&P Soap Base, 10g Red Rose Petals, 2ml Rose & Neroli Fragrance Oil, Air tight storage Jar.

Melt the soap base and drip onto a sheet of kitchen foil. When soap has set (about 10 mins) pour sea salt into large mixing bowl (one you will not be using for food) peel soap from foil and put into bowl with salt. Add fragrance oil and rose petals. Mix well to ensure all ingredients are coated with each other pour into storage jar.

This mix should give you sufficent for 4 baths. You can use the same principle with any fragrance or botanicals and if desired add liquid colour.

Run bath water pour in your creation lay back and soak up the relaxation.

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