Wednesday, 16 September 2009

English Breakfast Crumble

With a household of people who would live on egg and bacon I am constanly looking for ways to make them more interesting the the good ol English fry up. This week I decided tomake them into an alin one meal.

I used: 8 rashers of bacon, 1 onion, 1 tin of plum tomatoes, 4 medium potatoes, 5 mushrooms and 3/4 pt gravy for the filling with a topping of 1 cup flour mixed with 1 cup of butter.

I lined the bottom of the dish with 4 bacon rashers, peeled and part boiled the potataoes, chopped the onion & mushrooms and fried gently in a pan with the poatatoes, stirred in the tomatoes and gravy poured the contents onto the bacon and topped with the remaining 4 rashers before covering withthe crumble mix. Baked for 50 mins at 200 degree C.

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