Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Saga of The Jam Disaster

So yesterday I set about making good of the huge fruit bowl sitting on the side, now I haven't made jam since I was a school so I got the trusty recipe book out, wrote a list of items missing from the store cupboard and went off to Tesco. Stew the fruit - easy anyone can do that. Add the sugar and boil - ok just make sure the pans big enough. Check the setting - mmm seems to be runny - keep boiling. Check the setting - oops seems to be like a sweet. Ok so no problem - decant into jars (one lump at a time!) leave to cool.

Try to repair damage - when cooled at about 9pm last night I put it all back in the pan and added some more water and re-boiled. It's now spreadable (just) and tastes good so what the hell. Note to self - Give up on Jam making!!

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