Saturday, 5 September 2009

Orange & Almond Cake Soap

With the EU rules and regulations soapers have to be very careful with the making of anything that resembles food. We can so I interpret the infomation make for example something that smells of Orange as long as it does not look like an Orange or any other edible item. The darling little cupcakes and larger cake slices that have been popular for a while are a big NO NO (unless you want to take the potenially very costly risk) but every now and then I just can't resist and make a little cake for myself.

I made soap M&P with Orange colour and Sweet Orange Oil scent poured into a muffin case and let it set. I then grated some slithers from a previously make Almond block, dropped them onto the top and stuck into place with a little amount of the Alomd shavings melted. When fullyhardened I peeled away the paper muffin case. It semlls delicious and looks almost edible...part of the problem! But for personal use who cares, I figure just enjoy.

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